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In many areas of our lives, finding “do-it-yourself” projects can be rewarding. When it comes to financial planning, however, if you’re not working with an experienced professional, it can be both confusing and overwhelming. Worse, you may also be making costly mistakes with your portfolio.

Here are four reasons why investing with an experienced, knowledgeable financial planner makes sense:

  1. The plan. Your financial planner will ask you about your goals and about what’s most important to you before helping you determine how to appropriately allocate your investment dollars between various products, and between various asset classes. It’s been said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and that’s certainly true in the investment industry.
  2. It’s a big investment world. The number of available investment options is staggering, but your financial planner knows how to navigate the waters. After reviewing your entire financial picture in light of your goals and objectives, a good financial planner will be able to make recommendations specifically tailored for you with your best interests in mind, based on their knowledge and expertise.
  3. Monitor and revise. Once your plan is in place, you will need to review it periodically and adjust as needed. That’s what your financial planner is there to help you do. When your asset allocation drifts too far from your target, or when your financial situation changes, your planner will be there to help you evaluate decisions based on the big picture.
  4. Say what? Investing can be confusing for non-experts; just the lingo and acronyms alone can quickly make you feel like you’re speaking a foreign language. Your planner has taken financial coursework and passed knowledge exams, so you can be confident that they know the language well

Investing doesn’t need to be confusing or overwhelming when you have the right financial professional on your team; don’t try to do it yourself. To learn more about the benefits of hiring a financial planner, contact us today at 206-778-4826.